Franchise Sales Consultant
Franchising Consultant
Franchise Sales

New Franchise Sales

The Franchising Department specializes in providing cost-effective outsourcing solutions for Franchisors and uses its own advertising, seminars, trade shows and associate network to identify people interested in purchasing a franchise.

Once identified and financially qualified, prospective franchise buyers enter a series of interviews and assessments to establish their work history, objectives, interests, skills and attributes.  The information collected from prospects is compared to franchisee selection criteria of our client franchisors.  The prospect is presented with profiles of suitable franchisors and a single concept is selected for further investigation.

If your franchise is selected, the prospect will receive your franchise sales package and you will receive the candidate’s file including their Entrepreneurial Quiz, Franchise Feasibility Checklist, Franchise Selection Questionnaire and Request for Consideration including net worth statement.

If you accept our referred prospect as a Candidate for your franchise system, we will assist them through your sales process.

How We Help

To successfully sell your franchise we will perform the activities required to complete the steps of your sales process including but not limited to:

  • Generating sales leads specifically for your franchise opportunity
  • Interviewing and qualifying prospective franchisees to your specifications
  • Introducing your franchise concept to prospective franchisees
  • Introducing prospects to your franchise sales team for approval
  • Facilitating Disclosure of information about your business to approved candidates
  • Assisting candidates through the Validation and Discovery steps of your sales process
  • Assisting franchisee candidate to obtaining financing if required
  • Assist with closing of the sale.

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