Selling a Franchise
Sell Your Franchise
Business Sales, London Ontario

Selling Established Franchises

Please contact us if you are serious about selling your established franchise.  Finding qualified buyers and selling your business for the highest possible price requires experience, dedication, persistence and a proven process.

During 25 years of selling businesses (both franchises and independents), we developed a process to successfully sell a business.  That is, obtain maximum value in the shortest period of time while keeping the owner’s business affairs confidential.

How We Help

Through a sister company that is a licensed Business Brokerage, we will perform all the activities required to complete the following sales process.

  • Perform a Business Evaluation
  • Obtain a Listing Agreement
  • Produce a Marketing Plan, Sales Documents and Advertising
  • Place Advertising
  • Interview prospects and obtain Confidentiality Agreements from the qualified
  • Facilitate Disclosure of information about your business
  • Obtain a Letter of Intent (Conditional Offer of Purchase and Sale)
  • Assist with legal and financial Due Diligence
  • Assist with obtaining financing for the Purchaser
  • Assist with Landlord and/or Franchisor approvals
  • Removal of Conditions
  • Facilitate the closing of the sale.

Contact us to determine if your business qualifies to use our proven sales process.